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Some of the international application using out cutting edge instruments:

Case 1 Stem water content changes our understanding of tree water use. Download

Case 2 Determining tree stem water content in drought-tolerant species. Download

Case 3 Using soil water sensors for efficient irrigation in greenhouses. Download

Case 4 German researchers directly measure climate change effects using TERENO lysimeters Download

Case 5 Mesh wireless sensor networks Will their potential ever be realized Download

Case 6 Improving drought tolerance in soybean Download

Case 7 Green roofs—Do they work Download

Case 8 Accurate field saturated hydraulic conductivity—Why is it so difficult Download

Case 9 Underground Power Cable Installations Soil Thermal Resistivity Download

Case 10 Thermal Resisitivity of Porous Materials (Soils) Change with Changes in Density, Water Content, Temperature and Composition Download